YardSmoke Turkey Combo

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This combination of spices, paired with our detailed instructions we will be releasing next week, is going to create the best turkey you have ever put on the table for Thanksgiving. Are you ready to YARDSMOKE?


YardSmoke Backyard BBQ Rub is a go-to BBQ rub focused on the flavor profiles of Onion, Red Pepper and Chili Pepper. This is a really good seasoning for all meats and adds a little bit of kick with the flavors of the Red Pepper and Chili Pepper. This heat is not enough to scare you away but is just the right amount to keep your mouth reminding you of the delicious flavors you just threw into your mouth.


YardSmoke Ultimate BBQ Rub is the seasoning with a flavor profile focused on Brown Sugar. A sweet mixture of spices including Brown Sugar, Garlic, Paprika and Onion is a great BBQ rub for Ribs, Steak, Chicken, Pork, Poultry or Salmon. A great all-in-one rub full of sweet flavors to give your sweet tooth the fix it needs.